What is CRM?

Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement empowers businesses to connect with customers.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and as the name implies, such a system is used to manage and organize the company's relationships with existing and potential customers. As customers are the most valuable and important asset for any business, maintaining a proper record of the customers is very important for the organization. During the early days of a company, the details about the clients or potential clients is scattered everywhere. Important information such as their contact, how they came across your company, etc. is in a variety of places and it becomes very important to keep all the information centralized.

The philosophy behind CRM is simple and that is to put your customers first and that is pretty easy to understand. Customers are the lifeline of any business and without customers, there can be no business. Thus, the success of any business is dependent upon the relationships the company has with its customers. It depends on trust and loyalty and is determined by how well you know each other. This is one of the biggest reasons why Customer Relationship Management is so important. CRM actually helps and enables businesses to create and maintain strong and long-term relationships, which not only improve the profitability of the business but also increases customer retention.

Broadly speaking, CRM may mean one of the following three things:

  1. CRM as Technology: The technological version of CRM is a system which teams use to record, analyze, and report interactions between the company, clients, and users

  2. CRM as Strategy: It's more of an idea and vision about how to manage relationships with existing and potential customers

  3. CRM as Process: The system an organization adopts to manage the relationships with its current and future clients

The importance of using a CRM system for any business is evident and there are different CRM software available in the market to help you manage your business.

CRM Software

CRM software is an essential business software, regardless of the industry or type of business. The software has one sole purpose and that is to provide the business smart tools to manage its relationships with customers and develop a successful strategy. The current world is highly competitive with a plethora of products and services available everywhere and it's very important to retain your customers. The implementation of CRM software in your organization can make a big difference - it can improve customer relationships and can help you stand side by side with your competitors.

How can CRM Software help your company?

Sales people work very hard to obtain information about the clients and this information is scattered across a variety of different sources. Their call log is recorded in their phone; their calendar contains information about their appointments, the pipeline data is present in spreadsheets, important information is written on sticky notes, etc. When the sales personnel try to follow up with a client or need an update on a lead, they have to go through numerous sources to gather the information together which will take a lot of time and is not efficient at all.

CRM Software will help you by bringing all this information in an organized manner. The complete history of your client information is present and is just a click away. Furthermore, you can also get real-time notifications when the customers click your links in emails or website. CRM is indeed one of the best solutions to keep your clients' information organized and to create long-lasting relationships with them.

Why Should You Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

The importance of using CRM software to manage your communication with clients cannot be underestimated. A good, stable CRM system will not only make it easier to track your clients' information but also will also enable you to create strong and long-term relations with them. There are numerous software available in the market and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the best ones among them due to the flexibility and simplicity it offers. It is Microsoft's flagship business application platform which is cloud-based and has variety of CRM and ERP apps.

There are many reasons why you should choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 over other software solutions and this article provides some of the biggest ones:


Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a nodular licensing model, which means that the users don't need to get the apps they do not require. Instead, they can just select the ones that they need and build a customized solution to suit their needs. This selective licensing will also reduce the cost, which makes it more appealing. Lastly, the Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based system which gives great ease of access and the flexibility to work from anywhere. The interface is web-based and all you require is a computer with an Internet connection to access it.

Targeted marketing

It is a good business practice to ensure that your customers are aware of the new products, discounts, and special services that you are offering. Dynamics 365 has a marketing automation tool that simplifies all the marketing processes such as creating target-specific campaigns, executing follow-ups, building leads and client lists, and measuring the performance and results. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you will stay in constant contact with your existing and the right prospective clients.

Increased Productivity

Breaking down big data chunks into small pieces of data along with the ability to share information via business apps allows the users a centralized access to data. That way you have a better idea and overall understanding of your organization and its workflows. This will help the users to work more productively. Furthermore, this centralized data pool will eliminate the need for multiple or duplicate data entries. Dynamics 365 offers built-in automated functions which reduce the time consumed and increased the overall productivity.

Effective communication via Outlook

Microsoft Outlook's collaboration and messaging client is the world's leading application for communicating with clients on big, corporate levels. By the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can turn your Outlook application into a single tool that manages all your client communication. The benefit this offers is big - you can place lead data, sales call information, and marketing pitch into one central location for your sales and marketing team, making their job both simple and effective.

Unified data source and application integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 utilizes Microsoft NET Framework and Web Services which enables organizations to integrate isolated legacy business solutions and applications. With the flexibility it offers, Dynamics 365 can connect with your third-party applications and aids in breaking down information silos.

  • Email marketing - customize emails by using CRM data and track the recipient tools in Dynamics 365
  • Websites - record new leads and import new inquiry forms
  • Financials - you can access the history of your customer orders and accounting details in Dynamics 365 and send the completed orders for processing
  • Web Tracking - web tracking will allow you to track and identify the kinds of people that visit your website. This information can be used to find new potential customers

Safety and Security

The infrastructure of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is based off-site and it allows you peace of mind, knowing that the data is safely stored in Microsoft's secure cloud. Microsoft keeps the CRM up to date by installing the latest patches without having you worry about any data loss. This security model protects the integrity and privacy of your data. Furthermore, with Dynamics 365, you have full control over your data. It means that the users will have only access to the data that you allow them to work with.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most flexible, user-friendly and powerful CRM software. It provides great servicing, sales and marketing tools to give you a clear picture about all your contacts. It's designed to work efficiently and smartly, allowing you to maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with your clients. Regardless of industry or organization type, it allows the users to work with maximized productivity.

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